New Zealand vs India, 3rd ODI 

The series is over at that point. Prior to their next trip to Pakistan for two Tests and three ODIs, New Zealand has a break. To maintain interest in the 2021–23 World Test Championship, India immediately travels to Bangladesh for three One-Day Internationals (ODIs), followed by two Test matches. Today in Perth, Australia has dominated the opening exchanges with the West Indies. There will be plenty of cricket for you. I’ll see you whenever I get a chance. Eat well and be careful!

Kane Williamson | New Zealand captain

We have been exerting ourselves while playing cricket. There was some nice content in the games that were cancelled due to bad weather as well. We were aware that a match would consist of 20 overs, but we could see the weather approaching because it had been trailing us. Daryl had been waiting for a bowl for a very long time. Despite discomfort, Milne didn’t want to quit. The testing area now comes into focus. It’s necessary for men to take breaks now and then. been rather active. After the break, the Test team will reassemble.

Shikhar Dhawan | India captain

Without a doubt, I’m travelling to Bangladesh, where I’m hoping the weather will be better. We are a new group. The bowling team gained more knowledge about bowling in the good length zone. We occasionally fell short. All of the seniors will rejoin the team. A more feasible route to the World Cup for us is more Asian wickets. It’s crucial to get the little details perfect. For example, bowlers should use the proper lengths, and hitters should bat near to the body under certain circumstances.

Tom Latham | Player of the Series

Both for the entire group and for me personally, it was a good series. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t play in the following two games. We did quite well this morning bowling. The right lengths were hit, some surface movement was obtained, and they were constrained to that sum. Finn played differently from how he usually is aggressive. The ball was moving and it covered the necessary distances. Mitchell also performed admirably. There is friendly banter because many of the guys have played against one another, particularly in the IPL. Not at all cold for us, but really cold for them (smiles).